i heart you !!!

i miss you a lot sayang :)
please be mine back !!
i do not want to have a crew of desperate but i miss our relationship as it used to .
i don't know what to say
God only knows how i felt now on you sayang 

i know you already have a replacement in your life , but i hope so you have the same feeling like me right now
i rather regret now because a lot of offense to you before the previous .
i love when we know through my friend and you call me ,missed the first time we meet in the school , missed the first time we went out together near midvalley and...
i did not expect to go out with you near midvalley plague the first and last time we went out together 
oh my gosh !!
i need a tissue ....

i do not want to deal with you in school again , i do not want to remember we have a relationship again .
difficult for me to consider you as my friend because i am loving you and difficult for me to accept everything that happened between us for many wonderful things have happened while i was with you first . i'm not willing to forget it even though i had to do for my future .

i hope so you read this post .