you still the one


i miss you capital F and capital N .
apa dah jadi dengan kau ? kenapa sekarang ingat dia ?
please la hati , merayu dekat kau sangat sangat .
kenapa DIA ? and DIA?

to capital F :-)
i mintak maaf sangat sangat sebab i sayang you semula .
i harap sangat you happy dengan girlfriend you .surry i banyak sakitkan hati you almost 9month with you .
tak tahu kenapa , sampai sekarang i tak dapat cari pengganti you. kalau boleh i nak mengadu dekat you everything , sebab you sorang je yang faham i macam mana. ouh shitt !! kenapa i jumpa you ??
jangan salahkan i sebab i sayang you semula . you yang bagi banyak harapan dekat i . thank you

to capital N :-)
i mintak maaf jugak sebab sakitkan hati you . i tau i banyak buat salah dekat you almost 1 years we have been friends . thank sebab pernah jadi best friends i yang paling i sayang , thanks cuz sudi dengar masalah i . surry i tak boleh nak berbaik dengan you semula . just i nak say i rindu you so much . i rindu ayat giler & mereng you . :(

when i first saw you , i saw love
and the first time you touched me, i felt love.
and after
all this time,you're still the one i love.
looks like we made it 
look how far we've come my baby
we mighta took the long way
we knew we'd get there someday

they said,"i bet they'll never make it"
but just look at us holding on
we're still together still going strong

you still the one i run to
the one that i belong to
you're still the one i want for life 
you still the one that i love 
the only one i dream of
you're still the one i kiss good night 

ain't nothing better
we beat the odds together
i'm glad we didn't listen
look at what we would be missin 

p/s: surry sayang , i rindu dia sangat sangat